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Big Ben in Deep Purple Acrylic
Big Ben in Deep Purple Acrylic Big Ben in Deep Purple Acrylic

Big Ben in Deep Purple Acrylic

Brand: Claymore Pens
Product Code: CP Big Ben Deep Purple
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Claymore Pens in CCM’s trademark “Color” (purple): Big Ben in Deep Purple Acrylic.  The universe is swirling about in this pen.

Claymore Pens are crafted by Keith May who donates profits from the sale of his pens through this website to the Children’s Chorus of Maryland.

All pens are handmade and unique; grain patterns and colors will vary slightly from one pen to another.

A word from Keith May:

“We live in an amazing world full of wonderful technology. With the press of a button, the swipe of a finger, or voice command we can communicate with anyone just about anywhere in the world. There is one thing though that hasn’t changed— we still communicate with the written word. Messages written on paper are still the preferred method for portraying authentic information, and it’s more personal.”

“At Claymore Pens I specialize in creating custom fine writing instruments. I take great pride in the quality of my work. And because I use rare woods and high quality acrylic and other interesting material such as deer antler, every piece I create is unique. I guarantee you will never find another finely crafted writing instrument exactly like the one I make for you.”

“I believe in preserving the civility and proper behavior displayed by those of the Victorian era. During that time a hand written and thoughtful letter was a thing of beauty and prized by the recipient. People appreciated the beauty of nice handwriting and of course it was done with a quill pen in those days. Wanting a nice fountain pen was after all was what got me started in the pen making business.”

~Keith May

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